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GoldKey Secure Web Finding Success in the Market

We are having good success with the deployment of GoldKey Secure Web.  The need for a very secure way to protect access to key websites is expanding daily.  As more and more important functions and transactions are accomplished online, the number of websites being...

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Managing Multiple Computers in an Organization

Many organizations such as schools, banks, and the enterprise have a large deployment of computer systems managed by a central support team. Often individual laptop computers issued to various employees are also maintained by a central support organization. These...

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GoldKey SecurID Alternative

Authenticating a user on the network or over the Internet is one of the cornerstones of all security systems. Traditionally, authentication has been accomplished by asking for a username and password. In spite of the fact that this simplistic approach has been...

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Advanced Authentication for CJIS Compliance

Effective September 30, 2013, Advanced Authentication is required of all law enforcement personnel accessing CJIS, a computerized information system that is for the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. CJIS provides state, local, and Federal law enforcement and...

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