GoldKey: The Leading Provider

of Hard-Key Encryption Systems

The benefits of being able to upload, store and share information in the cloud are crucial in today’s expanding information age.  More than ever, the need to provide robust protection of cloud-stored data is imperative.  Conventional encryption methods and key management strategies are no longer adequate for today’s hostile environments.  Systems with hard-key encryption are now a default requirement.

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GoldKey Integrated Security Solutions
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Advantages of Hard-Key Encryption

  • Allows distribution of encryption keys securely over a distance
  • Requires Hardware-based Key Generation for strong encryption
  • Faster than other asymmetrical encryption alternatives

GoldKey Custom Security Solutions

The security challenges facing your business are mission critical and complex.  We can help!

GoldKey specializes in engineering custom solutions that combine our hard-key technology and cutting-edge development capabilities with our convenient sCloud Services for an integrated solution to fit your security needs.

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