GoldKey Custom Security Solutions

The security challenges facing your business are mission critical and complex.  We can help!

GoldKey specializes in engineering custom solutions that combine our cutting-edge development capabilities with our affordable, convenient, Secure Business Services for an integrated solution to fit your security needs.

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GoldKey Encrypted Cloud Storage

GoldKey Vault is the encrypted file sharing and cloud storage solution that makes it easy to collaborate without compromising security.

GoldKey Secure Mail

Get encrypted email  The GoldKey Mail service is secure and has been optimized to help you better read, organize, and send email.

GoldKey Phone

Keep your business calls private.  GoldKey Phone offers end-to-end encrypted telephone conversations over WiFi and cellular networks with other GoldKey Phone users.

GoldKey Secure Login

GoldKey Secure Login technology adds two-factor authentication on air gapped (standalone) computers or networks, eliminating username and password authentication vulnerabilities.

GoldKey Authentication

GoldKey provides secure sign in utilizing robust two-factor authentication.   Protect websites and sensitive online resources from unauthorized access while safeguarding user’s personal information.

GoldKey Backup

Securely and automatically back up business sensitive information stored on computers or servers to the cloud with GoldKey.

Data Center

The Data Center Service provides management and monitoring of GoldKey Secure Portals for in-house hosting of GoldKey Encrypted Backup and GoldKey Vaults.