GoldKey Email

Cloud Encrypted Email Service

The GoldKey Email Service is secure, fast, easy to use, and has been optimized to help you better read, organize, and send email.  

Two-Factor Authentication

To access a secure GoldKey Email account, a user must sign in using two-factor authentication. In addition to entering a PIN, users sign in using a physical GoldKey Token or an installed GoldKey token which can be set up on a phone, tablet, or computer.


Email Encryption

GoldKey Mail takes the privacy of your email seriously and never stores copies of your mail on your devices. Email messages are transmitted and stored fully-encrypted in the cloud.  Sign out, and there is no way to access the data.

Protection from Phishing Scams

An estimated 72% of cybersecurity attacks begin with a phishing email.  GoldKey Email utilizes b² cryptography’s intrinsic authentication, so you know that the email in your inbox is from the proposed sender.   The ability to send and receive authenticated email provides protection for individuals and businesses from phishing attacks.  

GoldKey Email Features

Access Email on All Your Devices
Securely access your email from your computer, phone, or tablet. Since GoldKey Email is cloud-based, all your devices stay in-sync automatically.

SPAM-Free Inbox
With GoldKey Email, your inbox can only be reached by invitation or by another secure email account. When email arrives from an unverified source, it is quarantined in the Junk folder to ensure that the only mail reaching your inbox is mail you want to receive. When you find an important email in the Junk Folder, you can mark the sender address or the entire domain as “not junk.” Once you mark the message, it will be moved to your inbox and future email from that sender will be delivered directly to your inbox.

Group Mail, Sharing, & Collaboration
Emails can be easily sent to entire groups of contacts using GoldKey Groups. GoldKey provides a way to easily create user groups and invite people to them. These groups are used for securely sharing data, both in GoldKey Vaults and in your inbox.

Secure Calendar
GoldKey Email includes a secure calendar that makes it easy to keep track of personal and work-related events across all of your devices. Create reoccurring or one-time events and share them securely with friends or co-workers.

Automatic Email Backup
GoldKey Email is automatically backed up, to protect against data loss and to ensure that it is always available.   Even when backed up, files remain fully-encrypted and secure.