Effective September 30, 2013, Advanced Authentication is required of all law enforcement personnel accessing CJIS, a computerized information system that is for the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. CJIS provides state, local, and Federal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies with access to centralized information such as fingerprint records, criminal histories, and crime reporting systems.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are scrambling to find the best security token solution to satisfy the FBI requirements. The first law enforcement agency to contact GoldKey, looking for an advanced authentication solution, was the Marysville Police Department of Washington State. GoldKey is an excellent choice for agencies desiring to comply with the FBI regulations. Not only does it provide advanced authentication, including dual factor authentication, but it also comes equipped with numerous additional security features and capabilities.

As one example, by utilizing GoldKey with internal secure flash storage, it is possible to store information downloaded from the FBI System onto the GoldKey rather than onto the disk drive of the computer. Since the place where this information is stored, according to the new requirements, must be encrypted, using GoldKey in this way eliminates the very cumbersome need of total disk encryption systems, the only alternative.

Working in conjunction with GoldKey Security Corporation, Marysville Police Department prepared and submitted a GoldKey solution option to the FBI for approval. Now that the FBI has approved this solution, other law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Washington and the nation are lining up to deploy the solution.

This is yet another market niche satisfied by GoldKey and Gold ID Security. The strategy of GoldKey is to become a single integrated security solution that will satisfy all of the authentication and security functions required by a user. What the market really needs is a single, robust yet simple solution that is secure, yet manageable, and affordable, yet resilient. One thing is very clear — better security technology will be required in the years ahead. GoldKey is the first and, so far, the only security system to come forward with hardware management of encryption keys and security tokens. So far, no alternative technology has emerged with the capabilities that future security challenges will demand.