GoldKey Secure Portal

Fortify Existing Servers and Storage with GoldKey Security


The GoldKey Secure Portal is a rack-mount unit that installs into a customer’s data center to provide secure access protection to existing web servers and also to create secure cloud storage on existing customer storage servers.

GoldKey Authentication

The Secure Portal protects existing web servers by providing GoldKey authentication based on hardware tokens. As a user logs into a secured website, the software prompts the user to insert the GoldKey token and enter the associated PIN. Biometric credentials can be used for login, as well, if desired. After authentication, the user’s computer establishes a secure connection with the secured web server using security credentials valid for this session only.


Strong AES Data Encryption

The GoldKey Secure Portal provides a method of protecting sensitive data placed on the web using hardware tokens and AES military-grade encryption. The Secure Portal does not store user data but is used to set up encrypted storage volumes — called GoldKey Vaults — on local storage servers. In this manner, customers may protect data storage on existing file servers, thereby extending the useful life of enterprise data center equipment without expensive upgrades or hardware replacement.


Hardware-Based Security Management

The Secure Portal provides a hardware-based security management system, simplifying training and providing an enterprise-wide security hierarchy, thereby preventing damage resulting from lost credentials and key personnel.


Mitigate Risk

The Secure Portal provides effective means for mitigating risk associated with exposure of user identities and unauthorized access to confidential data. The installation of a Secure Portal within a data center results in the protection of existing web pages and storage servers by providing GoldKey authentication and strong AES encryption based on hardware tokens.


Ensure Compliance

With multiple new regulations requiring improvements in data center security, managing security policies across multiple servers and platforms can be a task of significant proportions. The ability to install a single Secure Portal into the data center to protect existing servers can greatly simplify compliance efforts, scaling the necessary changes down to a manageable task.


Increase Productivity & Collaboration

The Secure Portal allows organizations to create “private cloud” storage using existing file servers in a highly secure manner. As a result, employees are able to access data world-wide with an authorized GoldKey and Internet access. This increase of information availability facilitates more efficient use of information resources, thus increasing its business value.

Leverage Existing Investments

The Secure Portal protects data storage on existing file servers, providing means to protect and secure older equipment without expensive upgrades or hardware replacement. This strategy extends the useful life of data center equipment and helps eliminate the need for operators to undergo expensive retraining in preparation for new equipment.