GoldKey Security Token

From its built-in smart card to a hardware random number generator and a powerful encryption engine, the GoldKey Security Token provides an array of features and abilities which are utilized by government, enterprise, financial, and other organizations around the world to securely authenticate, encrypt, and share sensitive information on computers, servers, mobile devices, and in the Cloud.

The GoldKey Token enables two-factor authentication for securing access to online resources as well as offering robust AES-256 encryption for data sent over the Internet and stored at rest.

GoldKey features a hardware-based, easy-to-use management system that utilizes Master and GrandMaster tokens to provide a secure method of sharing access to encrypted files throughout an organization.

The GoldKey Token is built to last. Its stainless steel case is filled with an industrial grade epoxy that not only seals the internal circuitry water tight, but deters tampering and provides added strength. Unlike other security devices, GoldKey does not require a battery for power; it instead draws power from the USB port. This means it can last and last in the field.

Features & Benefits


Prevent Data Loss

GoldKey uses a three-tier Hierarchical Key Management System to prevent data loss due to accidental lock-outs. GrandMaster / Master Tokens may securely access data encrypted by their registered tokens, duplicate a lost token, or reset a PIN.  Learn More about GoldKey Hierarchical Management

Secure Cloud Storage

GoldKey enables secure storage and sharing of data in the Cloud. Data is encrypted and transferred over the internet to a GoldKey Vault which is only accessible with your GoldKey and PIN.


Encrypt Local Files and Folders

Create a Secure Drive on any computer. Files placed in the Secure Drive are automatically encrypted. To unlock a Secure Drive, the correct GoldKey must be plugged in and the correct password entered, or the data is inaccessible.  

Lock Computer Login

Replace Windows passwords with two-factor authentication by requiring a GoldKey and PIN to access a computer’s user account. This can be done independent of Active Directory or a certificate manager, making it well suited for air gapped (standalone) computers and networks. Accounts can also be secured by a GoldKey group that will allow all members of that group to access the same user level account, while maintaining an individual token and PIN for each user.



GoldKey automatically detects unauthorized attempts to access your data. In order to halt an attack, your GoldKey will become disabled after ten attempts to guess your PIN.




Part Number GK-011A
Casing Stainless steel, waterproof, tamper resistant and tamper evident
Supported Operating Systems Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP Mac: Mac OS X v10.6 or higher
Compliance FIPS 140-2 certified
Certifications CE, FCC
Standards NIST PIV spec SP-800-73-2 and SP-800-73-3, X.509 v3 certificate storage, CCID, USB 1.1
Certificate Storage Up to four X.509 certificates (up to twenty-four X.509 certificates with Windows Smart Card Minidriver)
Security Algorithms AES, 3DES, RSA-1024, RSA-2048, ECC Curve P-256, and ECC Curve P-384
Supported Data Objects Card Capability Container, Cardholder Unique Identifier, X.509 Certificate for PIV Authentication, Cardholder Fingerprints, Security Object, Cardholder Facial Image, Printed Information, X.509 Certificate for Digital Signature, X.509 Certificate for Key Management, X.509 Certificate for Card Authentication, the Key History Object, twenty Retired X.509 Certificates for Key Management, and Cardholder Iris Images
Physical Dimensions 30 x 12 x 4.5 mm (1.18 x 0.47 x 0.18 in.)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Humidity Rating 0-100% without condensation
Connector USB type A (Universal Serial Bus)
Life Expectancy Over 10 years