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Application Notes

Disabling Adobe Flash and Java Plugins in IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox

Many people would like to disable the Adobe Flash and Java plugins either for security or convenience reasons. These plugins can be disabled until you click on the content requiring the plugin, or disabled completely. Here are the steps required … Continue reading

GoldKey Tokens Not Detected After Windows Update KB2800095

Microsoft has recently released a Hotfix (KB2800095) to fix a flaw that GoldKey Security Corporation reported in one of their drivers for USB ICCD smart cards. However, some customers have experienced issues with smart cards not being detected after installing … Continue reading

Windows 8 Drivers for GoldKey Tokens with Flash

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has been released. Unfortunately, as of this writing the ICCD driver that is distributed with the operating system has a problem that affects the use of GoldKey tokens with built-in flash. While using the … Continue reading

Using GoldKeys with Flash in Windows XP and Vista

Quick Start In order to use GoldKeys with built-in flash on Windows XP and Vista, the following steps must be performed: Windows must be updated with the latest Service Pack from Microsoft. GoldKeys shipped before September 2012 must be upgraded … Continue reading

PIV Support Dropped in Mac OS X

Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion (v10.7, released July 20, 2011), has been released without full support for PIV tokens. Because of this, certificates that have been loaded onto GoldKey tokens will no longer be usable after upgrading. … Continue reading

Locking an Account with GoldKey in Mac

Mac OS X versions 10.4 Tiger through 10.6 Snow Leopard can allow local user accounts to be secured by a smart card. However, you may need to change your configuration to enable this functionality. Warning: Following these instructions to lock … Continue reading

Locking an Account with GoldKey in Windows

Locking an account with GoldKey can be done in two ways. The technique described in this application note applies to Windows Vista and higher, on computers that are not part of an Active Directory. Users of an Active Directory should … Continue reading

Creating a certificate for Active Directory login using GoldKey and Windows Standard Edition Server

On a computer that has been connected to the Active Directory, open a command prompt window, and type “mmc”. This will open the Microsoft Management Console, where you will create a custom certificate request. From the File menu, select Add/Remove … Continue reading

Obtaining a certificate for a GoldKey smart card in Windows

GoldKeys currently support 1024-bit RSA keys. These keys, stored as a PFX file, may be loaded onto a GoldKey using the GoldKey software and a Master token. To create a PFX file, you must be able to export your certificate’s … Continue reading

Locking down the GoldKey software

The GoldKey software can be locked down to prevent users from changing the settings. This leaves the software fully functional, but requires a Master token to change the software settings, and gives an administrator the ability to easily implement a … Continue reading