GoldKey PC MagazineA year ago, Neil Rubenking, the lead analyst for security at PC Magazine, did a review of GoldKey, giving it a very good Four Star Rating. That put us in a tie with the very best of the other security token products on the market. We decided that was not good enough.

In his list of “cons” Rubenking pointed out that some of the features of GoldKey were not very useful to the individual. We went to work on a special version of GoldKey that was optimized for individuals and small organizations. This product would be shipped from the factory already registered to a Master Key so that it could immediately be put to use by the user, and so that many of the advanced features of GoldKey — like disabling a lost GoldKey, recovering a PIN, or making a duplicate — could be performed utilizing the website.

When the new version of GoldKey hit the market, it was again reviewed by Rubenking at PC Magazine, who gave it another Four Star Rating. This time the only “con” was that that it did not have any internal storage.

For a long time, users have wanted to have secure storage built into their GoldKey Security token. The problem is that GoldKey is so small it is almost impossible to add any significant amount of internal memory. There is just no space available inside the Key. It is extremely important that we maintain the very small size of GoldKey so that users can carry it conveniently with them on their keychain or even in a key wallet. That was all true until one of our major customers came forward needing to purchase a million dollar order of GoldKeys but having that the requirement that each Key would have a minimum of 16 Gig of internal secure memory.

The prospects of this and other potential orders like it inspired our technical team to sit down and really scratch our heads. The solution came when we figured out how in the same micro GoldKey package to insert a second circuit board piggy back to the first and “voila” the next generation of GoldKey with up to 64 GB of internal secure storage emerged.

On April 16 of this year Neil Rubenking issued his review of this new rendition of GoldKey. This time he gave it a perfect Five Star Rating, and under “cons” he listed “none.” GoldKey is now the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice, having received the highest security rating for any security token device.

Now it is possible for a user to carry around a smart card encryption key management system and a secure flash drive all in one package. This is a bright day for GoldKey and its growing number of worldwide users.


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