Technical Advisory Board

Dr. Roger Billings

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Roger Billings is the founder and chairman of WideBand Corporation and the co-inventor of Gold Security, a revolutionary next-generation security technology which incorporates his co-patented Hierarchical Security Protocol (HSP) technology and Gold Identity, the world’s first secure federated identity system.

Dr. Billings has a 40 year history of technology innovation and has distinguished himself as a serial entrepreneur having created a series of successful high-tech startups.

Early in his career, Billings was best known for his pioneering work in hydrogen energy. His Billings Energy Corporation converted 23 vehicles to operate on hydrogen, including two buses put into commercial service and a delivery vehicle used by the US Postal Service. His research work was funded by the Ford Motor Company and Mercedes Benz.

Billings also founded the Billings Computer Corporation, an early manufacturer of personal computers. The company experienced explosive growth and in 1977 was recognized as the 33rd fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine.

In 1994 Dr. Billings established WideBand Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of high-performance and ultra-low, nano-latency computer networking products. While President and CEO at WideBand, he was invited to be a member of the Steering Committee of the Gigabit Ethernet Alliance and was also a presenter in the IEEE 802.3ab committee that developed the Gigabit Ethernet standard.

Dr. Billings has also been very active in online education as the creator of the Acellus Learning System. This computer-based teaching system has proven very effective in helping students master lesson material and excel on year-end exams. Developed in conjunction with the International Academy of Science, the Acellus Learning System now offers courses in all core areas K-12 providing instruction to over 1,000,000 students.

Dr. John Billings

Vice President of Research

Dr. John Billings is the co-inventor of the patented Hierarchical Security Protocol (HSP) technology. As the Vice President of Research at WideBand Corporation, he leads the technology development team working on advanced authentication and security projects. John is also the chief developer of the hardware and firmware utilized in GoldKey security tokens and GoldKey security vaults.

Dr. John Billings began his career as Vice President of Research at WideBand Corporation in 2003, where he was responsible for the development of the WideBand Professional family of high performance networking equipment. WideBand networking switches are best known for their ability to signal at gigabit data rates over conventional category-5 cable. John has also had an important development roll in the WideBand patented nano-latency networking technology.


David Corcoran

David Corcoran is an accomplished entrepreneur and a recognized expert in the identity and authentication space. Most recently he served as a Senior Product Manager at Symantec for two years. Dave has over 15 years of experience which began with research on smart card and cryptographic tokens under Gene Spaford’s internationally recognized CERIAS program at Purdue University. While at Purdue, Dave was part of the collaboration between Schlumberger Research, Purdue University, and University of Michigan that developed open source software for cryptographic devices, which became the de-facto underpinnings that most cryptographic hardware uses today to interface with operating systems.

Dave served as a technical consultant for organizations including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Seagate. In 2002, Dave was asked to join the CIO team at the Department of Homeland Security as a consultant to develop and deploy identity standards. At this post, Dave assisted in the development of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards which would dictate the deployment of millions of US Government secure identity cards.

Dave founded and served as CEO of TrustBearer Labs, a software security company which provided enabling technology for identity tokens in multiple operating systems and cloud-based environments. In 2010, he sold TrustBearer Labs to VeriSign, which subsequently sold its entire authentication unit, including TrustBearer, to Symantec where Dave worked with next-generation products for online identity and authentication solutions for mobile and tablet devices.


John McNulty

John McNulty has been a driving force in the technology industry for forty years with leadership positions including General Manager, Senior VP, President, CEO, and Chairman of companies in the software, semiconductor, and communications industries. For the last three years John has served as President and CEO of InterAct Public Safety. Prior to that he served for nine years as Chairman and CEO of Secure Computing Corporation, a NASDAQ company acquired in 2008 by McAfee. Under McNulty’s leadership, Secure Computing grew from $30 million to more than $250 million in annual revenue.
McNulty has extensive experience in both public and private company mergers and acquisitions. During his career, he has helped develop and turn around numerous technology ventures including Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories which grew from $11 million to more than $120 million in annual revenue. At Computer Consoles Inc. (CCI), he took the Office Systems Division from initial product shipment to $100 million in annual revenue in just two years.
McNulty’s experience includes a distinguished, eight-year career at Intel Corporation, where he was General Manager of Memory and Micro Systems and started Intel’s Enterprise Systems Division. He began his career by spending 13 years with Honeywell Information Systems, where he held a number of sales and technical positions, culminating in his position as Director of Large Systems Marketing.


Kenneth P. Mourey, Sr.


Ken Mourey has more than thirty-five years’ experience in systems development and management. He has participated in a number of private-sector and large-scale government projects including the development of comprehensive benefit systems for nine states where he served as Technical Director over design, programming, and analysis. Under a contract with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor, Ken served as Project Technical Advisor to design a computer-based system in Romania which would provide transfer payments and labor exchange functions to approximately 14 million Romanian citizens.

Ken has served in technical management positions for over 18 years with two major telephone companies, United Telephone, and Centel Corporation, both now part of Sprint Nextel Corporation. In addition to managing a staff of over 80 people, Ken was personally involved in support of the mainframe operating systems including MVS, OS1, DOS/VS, VSE, and VM.

His close association with IBM, including many hours of technical training, provided Ken with unique insight into the computer industry, corporate marketing, product support, and systems management techniques. In addition to his diverse background in computer technology and technical management, Ken has a successful investment career and over 15 years of computer consulting experience.