Registering a GoldKey

Using a Master, you will be able to unlock any data that was encrypted by tokens that have been registered to it. If a token has already been personalized, it will need to be cleared before it can be registered to the Master. See the Clearing a GoldKey section for instructions.

When you register a GoldKey, you will need to choose which groups to place it in. Then, data can be locked for a specific group, and multiple users may have secure access to important information.

Once the appropriate data has been unlocked, select Register GoldKeys from the GoldKey Management Menu, and follow the steps below to register the token.

Registering a GoldKey

Step 1 – Connect a GoldKey
Both the Master and the GoldKey being registered must be plugged into the computer for the registration process. When the software detects a GoldKey, its description will be shown at the top of the dialog as depicted in figure above.

Step 2 – Personalizing the Token
You may personalize the GoldKey immediately, or allow the new user to personalize it later. To personalize the token, select “Lock personalization with this Master”, and specify the token’s description and PIN.

Note: If you personalize this token now, the user will not be able to re-personalize it. They will be able to change their PIN, but they will not have personal questions or be able to change its description.

Step 3 – Group Configuration
Select the groups you would like this GoldKey to be a member of. This token will have access to anything locked for any of the groups selected, and will also be able to create Secure Drives that can be accessed by any of them. You must have at least one group selected.

Click the Apply button at the bottom of the dialog when you are ready to personalize the token. The amount of time required to register the GoldKey will vary, depending on the number of groups you have assigned this token to. You will be notified when this process is complete.

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