Duplicating a GoldKey

Once you have personalized your token, it can be duplicated. Any data encrypted using the original token will be accessible using a duplicate, and vice versa. However, groups obtained from Masters other than your registered Master will not be present on duplicate tokens; these must be obtained separately.

Note: Certificates on the original GoldKey will not be present on the duplicate token.

To duplicate a token, open the GoldKey Management software and click on the Duplicate GoldKeys button. Then, follow the steps given below.

Duplicating a GoldKey

Step 1 – Connect the Token to Duplicate
Plug the token you would like to duplicate into the computer. This token must be registered to the Master you already have plugged in, and must also be personalized.

Step 2 – Connect the Duplicate Token
Next, insert the token you want to be a duplicate of the original. This token must not be personalized already.

Step 3 – Personalize the Duplicate Token (Optional)
If you would like the personalization data on the duplicate token to be locked by the Master, select the option Lock personalization on duplicate, and enter the personalization information.

Note: Personalizing the GoldKey now will make the user unable to change the token’s description, or set personal questions.

Once you are ready, click the Apply button at the bottom of the dialog. You will be notified when the duplication process is complete.

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