Quick Start
In order to use GoldKeys with built-in flash on Windows XP and Vista, the following steps must be performed:

  1. Windows must be updated with the latest Service Pack from Microsoft.
  2. GoldKeys shipped before September 2012 must be upgraded using the GoldKey Flash Update.
  3. The Windows drivers must be updated. The update starts automatically when the GoldKey is used.

Once you have completed the steps listed above, the GoldKey with built-in flash will be ready for normal use.

Updating Windows Service Pack (Step 1)
GoldKey Security Tokens with built-in flash are supported on Windows XP and Vista only after the proper Windows Service Pack has been installed. To view which Windows Service Pack your machine is running, right-click on My Computer in Windows XP or Computer in Vista and select Properties. The dialog that opens will show the current operating system and Service Pack.

The following Service Packs are required depending on the operating system:

  • Windows Vista must have at least Service Pack 1 installed. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Editions are supported.
  • Windows XP must have at least Service Pack 3 installed.
  • Windows XP 64-bit Edition is not supported.

Windows Service Packs can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website or as an automatic Windows update.

Updating GoldKey Flash (Step 2)
If your GoldKey Security Token shipped after September 1, 2012, you can skip this step. GoldKey Tokens shipped before this date may require a Flash Update before they will support Windows XP or Vista computers.

To install the update on a GoldKey, download the file and run it on a Windows 7 computer (or a computer with the proper driver updates already installed). You will be prompted to connect your GoldKey, enter your PIN, and answer your personal question.

The updated files will then be copied onto the GoldKey. No user files on the GoldKey flash are deleted during the update.

Updating Windows Driver (Step 3)
The first time a GoldKey with built-in flash is used on a Windows XP or Vista computer, the Windows driver must be updated. Please make sure that there are no Windows updates currently in process before proceeding with this step.

If at first the GoldKey does not install automatically, ignore any prompt to install the driver manually. Instead, find the GoldKey drive letter in Windows Explorer and run the “Unlock GoldKey Flash” executable. This executable will automatically start the update wizard when it is needed.

When the update is complete, you may need to restart Windows before the changes will take effect.