Master Management

To open the Master Management software, insert a Master or GrandMaster and open the GoldKey application. If you are using Windows, click on the Master Management button in the Master Functions tab. Otherwise, open the GoldKey software and select Master Management from the Window menu.

Register a GoldKey to a Master
Register a new GoldKey to a Master, or a Master Token to a GrandMaster. If the token has already been used by another employee, it must be cleared first.
Duplicate a GoldKey
Make an exact copy of an important GoldKey or Master token. Certificates, PIV settings, and unrecognized groups are not preserved.
Modify a GoldKey
Change a GoldKey or Master Token’s groups settings, or reset its personalization information. A GrandMaster is required to modify a Master token.
Clear a GoldKey
Completely reset a GoldKey or Master Token, allowing it to be re-programmed and given to another employee.
Manage a Master Token’s Groups
Create new GoldKey groups, or copy group names between Master or GrandMaster tokens.
Manage GoldKey Smart Cards
Change a GoldKey or Master Token’s PIV settings and add, remove, or view its certificates.

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