Using the GoldKeyVault Software

A GoldKeyVault is secure storage that utilizes GoldKey technology to provide the ability to share sensitive information that is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

All the data you store in your Vault is 256-bit AES encrypted before being sent over the internet. Without having the right GoldKey and logging in through the GoldKeyVault Explorer, not even the names of your files are accessible to would-be intruders.

Masters may be used to manage Vaults and allow groups to access shared data.

Accessing Your Data

When you open the GoldKeyVault Explorer, you will be shown the list of Vaults that you own and GoldKey groups that you have access to. Vaults that you have access to, but do not own, will appear under the group you use to access them.

For instance, in the figure below, a user owns one Vault but has access to another through the Employees group. This second Vault will be shown after the user double-clicks on the icon for the Employees group.

The KryptoVault Explorer

Storing, retrieving, and accessing data within a Vault is much like using Windows Explorer. You may use the normal copy and paste or drag and drop methods to copy data between your computer and your Vault, or use the Import and Export features of the GoldKeyVault Explorer. Other typical features are also provided, such as double-clicking to open a file, use of the Enter and Delete keys, etc.

When you open a file from your Vault, a temporary, read-only copy is downloaded to your computer. When you close the GoldKeyVault Explorer, these files are securely and completely erased from your computer. To change a file within your Vault, download a read-write copy, edit it, and upload the new version.

You may also create a link to your Vault on your Desktop to make accessing your data a little more convenient. To create a link on your Desktop, right-click on your Vault and select the “On the desktop” option in the Create link submenu.

Using Your Vault

In the Start menu, under the GoldKey folder, you will find a program called GoldKeyVault. This is the GoldKeyVault Explorer, and must be used in order to access your Vaults. In the GoldKeyVault Explorer there are several buttons which are similar to those found in Finder or Windows Explorer, and have the same function. Some unique buttons are described below.

Change View
There are several different views that may be used within the GoldKeyVault Explorer. This button will toggle between them.
View or change information about a Vault, GoldKey group, or token, which is gathered and maintained by the GoldKeyVault server.
Import Files
Import files into your Vault. All data stored in your Vault is encrypted with AES-256 before being sent over the internet.
Export Files
Export files from your Vault. Anything you export will be decrypted automatically before being saved onto your computer.
Remote Management
Start a remote management session to apply management changes remotely. User tokens must also be connected in order for changes to be applied.

Note: Most functions are also accessible by right clicking on an item within the GoldKeyVault Explorer.

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