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Application Notes

Creating a certificate for Active Directory login using GoldKey and Windows Standard Edition Server

On a computer that has been connected to the Active Directory, open a command prompt window, and type “mmc”. This will open the Microsoft Management Console, where you will create a custom certificate request. From the File menu, select Add/Remove … Continue reading

Obtaining a certificate for a GoldKey smart card in Windows

GoldKeys currently support 1024-bit RSA keys. These keys, stored as a PFX file, may be loaded onto a GoldKey using the GoldKey software and a Master token. To create a PFX file, you must be able to export your certificate’s … Continue reading

Locking down the GoldKey software

The GoldKey software can be locked down to prevent users from changing the settings. This leaves the software fully functional, but requires a Master token to change the software settings, and gives an administrator the ability to easily implement a … Continue reading

Installing the driver used by GoldKey in Windows XP

Some older installations of Windows do not detect GoldKey tokens properly. On these machines, it may be necessary to update or install the CCID driver. The following procedure may be used if your computer is having trouble detecting your GoldKeys: … Continue reading

Enabling "Right-Click" Encryption in Snow Leopard

To enable the right-click encryption feature in Snow Leopard, open System Preferences and select Keyboard, then go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Under the Services menu, expand “Files and Folders” and check the boxes beside “Encrypt with GoldKey” and “Decrypt … Continue reading

Creating a self-signed certificate for BitLocker

To lock a BitLocker-secured drive using a GoldKey smart card, you must have a certificate that is valid for BitLocker, and self-signed certificates must be enabled for BitLocker. Start by enabling self-signed certificates. Click Start and enter “regedit” into the … Continue reading

Creating a self-signed certificate for GoldKey login to Mac Open Directory

Open Terminal from the Utilities folder in Applications, and run the following commands:    cd Desktop    openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout Cert.key -out Cert.crt    openssl pkcs12 -export -out Cert.pfx -inkey Cert.key -in Cert.crt You … Continue reading

Using the smart card function in Windows XP

Windows operating systems released prior to Windows 7 do not natively support the PIV specification from NIST. To utilize GoldKey’s smart card functions within these operating systems, the use of middleware is required. We recommend that users upgrade to Windows … Continue reading