GoldKey Security Tokens

USB Smart Card with PIV Implementation – Level of Assurance 4

GoldKey Tokens have a built-in smart card and fully support the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard. The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) initiated the PIV standard to provide improved authentication of Federal employees and contractors accessing Federal information systems.


Level of Assurance 4

GoldKey Tokens use the PIV standard to meet the technical requirements for Level of Assurance 4. Recent federal mandates require Level of Assurance 4 in order to securely authenticate users on Government networks and systems.  The two approved methods of authenticating users that meet the Level of Assurance 4 requirements are Common Access Cards (CAC) and PIV Tokens such as GoldKey.


Built-in PIV Support

The GoldKey implementation of PIV allows for easy deployment of two-factor authentication. GoldKey tokens support the built-in PIV functionality already natively implemented in Windows.  The user simply inserts the GoldKey Token into the Windows computer and it is automatically recognized and ready to use without additional drivers or software.  The GoldKey Token can be managed through Windows Control Panel under devices and printers.

For deployments in MAC OSX, additional third party support is now available for smartcard services.

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Advantages of Using GoldKey Tokens

  • Hassle-free certificate auto-enrollment and auto-renewal
  • Substantially faster smart card operation
  • Ruggedized design for extended product life
  • Convenient USB form factor
  • No card reader required
  • No token expiration
  • No Annual maintenance / licensing fees

Auto-Enrollment Simplifies Large Scale Deployments

GoldKey tokens fully support the auto-enrollment of digital certificates through Active Directory and Windows Certificate Authority.  Auto-enrollment greatly streamlines large scale token deployments and is simple and intuitive for users.  At login, the user is prompted to insert the GoldKey and set a PIN.  User PIN policies can also be set to require specific characteristics such as alpha numeric and specialty characters during token personalization.

Additional Certificate Services

In addition to supporting two-factor authentication for network access, GoldKey tokens support email or document signing and encryption. GoldKey tokens have 24 certificate slots available which can be used for additional certificate-based security. Since the security certificates reside on the GoldKey hardware, they are much more secure than when stored in the computer’s certificate store.

FIPS 140-2 CertifiedGoldKey Diagram

GoldKey Tokens have been certified to comply with the NIST standard for FIPS 140-2. Details can be found on the NIST website by following the link below.

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GoldKey is a US manufacturer and developer of data security and networking products that help governments and enterprises protect their information assets.  A technology innovator since 1994, GoldKey manufactures GoldKey Security Tokens which are deployed by customers in over 40 countries. GoldKey solutions include two-factor authentication, shared access to encrypted files stored in the cloud, and soft-token support on mobile devices.  GoldKey also operates secure data centers and provides custom development and security services.